Meria Delivers the News

2/14/13 Meria Delivers the News: (bad language alert); LAPD now judge, jury and executioner; video of admission of incendiary usage; 15 yr old gal raped in front of teacher, charges dropped; Chernobyl roof collapses; earthquakes intensify; will this be the next to last pope? Repugs filibuster Hagel nomination; 500 bullets & counting on Dorner; Eavesdropping on Gitmo; Bremer gets shoe treatment; black boxes in all cars by 2014; guilty GOPiglet in Florida; 29 hours of work to avoid health ins; drones used before in US; No.Korea’s 3rd nuclear test; Triumph recall; Pontiac G6 recall; Lean Cuisine recall; Navy Seal says govt abandoned him; Plavix kills and destroys your bones; Poor? lose your kids; heart attack/death at Heart Attack Grill; arrests over Keystone Pipeline; LAPD pulled a WACO on Dorner; Raising minimum wage to 1970 rate; Media’s cover up of burning house (Dorner); Sweden’s horsemeat scandal and more “stuff”.





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4 Responses to "Meria Delivers the News"

  1. Andi S says:

    A movie that the FBI feared so much, they got it banned from theaters back in the early 1970′s.

  2. Deborah Alexander says:

    We can’t all be farmers and raise our own food, but we can all buy organic produce and cook our own food…..controlling the ingredients in that fashion. P.S. I have a friend with Tourette’s Syndrome who finally figured out that his symptoms get worse whenever he eats a McDonald’s hamburger. Hmmmm.

  3. Meria says:

    when you eat garbage, that’s all you can expect. Yes, we can all learn to cook organic, it’s easy and quick.

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