Meria Delivers The News

2/4/13 Meria Delivers the News: Ravens win the Super Bowl; Beyonce, power outage; heavy snow for Detroit; Detroit closing parks; China flattens 700 mountains for another city; Greeks freeze due to 450% increase in heating oil taxes; oil spill in Mississippi; Beijings smog worsens; Medicare attacks; US gave Israel “green light” on Syria; nuke subs arrive in S.Korea; Milan convicts former CIA chief; Ralph Eberharts cover up during 9/11 and NORAD; teen lynched in Palestine by Israeli teens; nuclear news in US; slime covered birds in UK; Bill Gates vaccines for the “poor”; American sniper Chris Kyle shot dead (suspicious); Oil company profits over $100 billion in 2012; earthquakes abound; White House caves on contraception; US oil to rule; another “suicide” attack at US Embassy in Ankara; UN finds Israel guilty of WAR CRIMES; who is John Brennan; wasted millions in Afghanistan; special ops in Galveston; FBI banned from Iceland; Assange runs for office; radioactive cattle in Fukushima; burying our nuclear waste; biometric social security cards? Pastor stiffs waitress, waitress gets fired; Texas drug prosecutor shot; was PEMEX deliberately bombed? Homeland Security’s ridiculous advice; Ark. to ban most abortions; 22 veteran suicides a day; decades of abuse in L.A. by priests; UK’s young going mental; homeless dying in America; beating in Egypt; boomers suffer worse; chemical train derails in No.Carolina; Russian rocket duds; racist McCain; Kerry begins; revenge porn and more insanity.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    CIA = Cocksuckahs In Action.

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