Conversations With David with Meria and David Icke

3/26/13 Conversations with David – with Meria & David Icke. David’s tv appearances and changing attitudes towards his work; David’s books banned as contraband in U.S. jails; when you have nothing left to lose you fight like you have nothing left to lose; the elite want a world like the “Hunger Games”; super rich vs. total poverty; Their plan for Cyprus began in 2008; transferring bank debt to the people; targeting the middle class in America; setting the precedent in Cyprus; The Euro- a stalking horse; the totalitarian tip-toe; Germany-Rothschild Zionist-Cyprus; the changing of the guard in London; Kate Middleton & Prince William =Rothschilds; Pope Ratzinger and his cemetaries in the closet; pedophilia in the Church; Holy inquisition; Pope Francis a Jesuit; Zionism – pretend Judaism; Church = Jesuit zionists; P2? Freemasons; “the square mile”; poisoned Pope; Worship of fish gods; the plan for Venezuela; Rife technology; frequency murders; Obama in Israel “had to walk on his feet instead of his knees” and more.




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5 Responses to "Conversations With David with Meria and David Icke"

  1. Paul Roantree says:

    Great show Meria! It’s fantastic the energy you and David share,it’s what the whole world’s access to news should be about! Thanks

  2. Meria says:

    thanks Paul! After 13 years I wish it were so, but I keep on going. hugs

  3. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    “Conversations with David”…fabulous, as usual!

  4. Deborah Alexander says:

    Every time I hear David speak, I wish-wish-wish I could just dismiss him as an aluminum-foil-conspiracy-theorizing lunatic. Unfortunately, after 13+ years of listening to you and your guests, reading hundreds of books, and watching dozens of documentaries, I know that David is really only giving us about a 2″ slice at a time concerning what is going on and has been going on. Otherwise, quite literally, the tops of our heads would unscrew and blow off into the ether.

  5. Meria says:

    the rabbit hole has no end, so it has to be dug up an inch at a time…

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