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3/18/13 Meria Delivers the News: Greece bailout crisis, bank run; radioactive fish at Fukushima; Hanford’s radioactive waste; TSA raid Chicago train; riots in Brooklyn, cops that shot kid in back had former lawsuits; Air force rapists; Steubenville rapists get pity from CNN; Rand Paul pushes fetal personhood bill; Cardinal says pedophilia not a crime; Bills to end whistleblowing on meat industry; Most Americans critical of wars in Iraq & Afghanistan; Maduro warns CIA to halt “coup plot”; Obama wants intl. rules on drones; obesity as a threat to national security; some states to drop income tax, raise sales tax; wildfires in Colo; N.Dakota vs. abortion; US drones violate Pakistan’s sovereignty; drones over Syria? Iraq costs $2-6 trillion; Blackwater an extension of the CIA; anti pot assemblyman busted with pot; EU wants pesticide ban; the new Pope’s past, Vatican defends him; Obama & Biden out of the country; Phoenix facing apocalyptic change; Baptist pastor busted; GOP Portman suddenly changes heart on gay marriage; Americans leaving religions; Hagel to install 14 addl. missile interceptors; Calif. earthquakes; Honda recall; LAPD; UN on failure of war on drugs; more NYC school closings; Hillary backs gay marriage and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with assessing taxes on citizens……they just have to be assessed on ALL the citizens (including corporations, who are now “people”). We could save a whole shit-ton of money if Congress was an all-volunteer group, as in the good ol’ days of the country’s beginnings. There should NEVER have been the insidious creeping in of paying people to represent us (and do it so very, VERY badly). The founding fathers never intended for there to be such an occupation as a “career politician.” All of us getting out in the streets to insist that we reduce the salaries and perks of Congress to ZERO is something I could REALLY get behind!!

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