Straight Money Talk With Meria And Joseph Meyer

3/19/13 Straight Money Talk with Meria and Joseph Meyer, of Straight Money Analysis. Get your free newsletter; What’s going on in Greece? Sovereign debt of Europe; tapping bank accounts; can it carry over to other European nations? Can the FDIC protect us? U.S. national debt is 23 times higher than during Carter’s presidency; Cost of Vietnam: $500 bil, Iraq/Afghan $3 to $8 TRILLION; what about social security and medicare? Will you be able to retire? What’s going on with our kids? What is the solution to economic security? 3 kinds of people in the world; Who’s approval do you need ? Meria’s “career” path; the recovery is an economic illusion; What is real unemployment? Inflation? GDP? price of gas worldwide, who pays the most and who pays the least? the Market – feeding on it’s own momentum hasn’t created ONE job; insider sell off; has housing hit bottom? 4 painful economic statistics and loads more.




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4 Responses to "Straight Money Talk With Meria And Joseph Meyer"

  1. shaun says:

    The trickle up effect, that’s sums it up. It’s steal, loot, pillage all the way for the IMF/wb and Goldman sucks. Hopefully this failed raid on Cyprus will be a clarion call for sleepers, It got people’s attention at work today.

  2. Meria says:

    yup, that’s my saying “trickle up” as the bloodsuck every last ounce from the lower class, which we ALL are.

  3. Deborah Alexander says:

    This is really good information. Maybe we can’t do much about the bigger issues, but at least we know we shouldn’t be sitting in our recliners expecting our government to take care of us – we definitely need to be looking within to come up with something we are good at and forming cooperatives with friends and neighbors who are good at other things……bartering is going to become the way we get though life from now on (even though it is technically illegal in this country). I would really like to get Joseph’s opinion about reverse mortgages. Is this a valid, valuable way for seniors to pull money out of their homes in a bottoming-out market or is it just another scam?

  4. Meria says:

    I’ll ask him for sure.It seems like a scam to me. You end up losing your house to them when you die.

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