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4/1/13 Meria Delivers the News: Bush’s “cakewalk” in Iraq costing us $4-6 Trillion; CNN reporter admits orders to lie about Syria & Iran; New head of Secret Service; Iraq oil going to China; No.Korea’s maps of where to hit U.S.; fusion centers spy on Americans; accident at nuke plant Arkansas; James Holmes plea denied; very few pipeline inspectors; Tibet mudslide; E coli in 15 states; insiders warned in Cyprus; others to lose 60%; Texas DA murdered; Exxon’s Montana spill; Exxons Arkansas oil spill; white men with guns; FEMA and flood ins; earthquakes; 7,000 tested for HIV from dental work in Okla; prescription painkiller deaths rise; Former Rep. Senator slams GOP; college racists at Towson Univ; GOP Congressman’s racist remark; water denied at Gitmo; new “facts” on Adam Lansa; Kansas bill to quarantine HIV/AIDS persons; School Chief & 34 others convicted in Atlanta; underwear bomber worked for CIA; reward for Dorner shrink; busted for tomato plants; Jessica Lynch “wag the dog”; and more stuff.





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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Always glad to listen to the interviews of the great guests you get on the show, but it is definitely your news shows that “float my boat”!!!!

  2. Meria says:

    back in the day, people preferred my interviews, amazing how things change….like July starts my 14th yr on the net! Wow. Crazy?

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