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4/25/13 Meria Delivers the News: Boston bombings used by Australia, Canada, EU,Germany as excuse for police state; setting up the same old “chemical weapons” story in Syria; Body of falsely accused bomber found dead; NYPD to run gas “tests” in NYC in July; Justice Dept bypasses the wiretap act; photoshopping pic of backpack? Boston suspect did not have a firearm; detained video of naked arrest of suspect; 16 hrs of grilling then given his Miranda rights; bird flu spreads to Taiwan; robbing banks for CIA? drones to stay in Afghanistan; Jordan kowtows to Israel; W’s Presidential library; shootout at Tenn. nuke plant; social inequality in America jumps; fuel barge explosion in Ala.,; workers strike in Chicago; Police scanner clip on boat arrest in Boston; Fukushima still pouring; former Romney intern arrested; Canadian train terror story; RI passes gay marriage; I Robot comes alive; did our ties to Israel have anything to do with bombings? resource scarcity and climate change; kids skipping college; another disaster at Indonesian sweat shop; 14 yr old arrested for tee shirt; Richie Havens dead; Bloomberg wants to change the Constitution; 80,000 in solitary confinement; France approves gay marriage; No. Carolina testing YOU not the politicians for drugs; the risk of eating chicken and ground beef; new $100 bill; LA pays $4.2 million to women shot during Dorner manhunt; and more “stuff”.



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5 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. shaun says:

    This whole measles thing over here is being hyped to extreme, media doing what they seem to do best spreading fear and panic, not giving any balanced views about the risks, stating bare faced lies about vaccine safety, interviewing kids with leukemia and getting them to say they can’t go to school unless everyone is vaccinated in case they get it. Long live independent media, we need the balance and the information.

  2. Meria says:

    as it is here. Thanks for the points!

  3. Deborah Alexander says:

    As if there aren’t already enough actual crime and existing viruses, there has to be billions and billions of taxpayer money spent on crime stings, simulated “security” drills, and new virus creation. WTF???!!

  4. Shaun Hamer says:

    Cant go to school if they dont have the vaccination,?
    Sounds like a get out of jail free card to me!

  5. Meria says:

    how else would they justify the police state without their false flags?

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