Solid Gold: Meria with Eric Hufschmid Painful Deceptions of 9/11

mqdefault  4/17/13 In the Wake of the Boston Bombings, 9/11 HAS to be revisited. Today is a golden oldie originally aired 9/27/05 with Eric Hufschmid on his book “Painful Questions- Analysis of the Sept 11th Attack”. Show opens with “Ballad of William Rodriguez” by Vic Sadot. Why people would rather not know the truth; facing the ugly truth; media cover up; taking advantage of 9/11; “No catastrophe goes to waste”; Flight 93, where’s the plane; photographers arrested-cameras confiscated; where are the videos? Bldgs 3,4, 5 & 6 destroyed as well; weird holes in Bldgs 5 & 6; fires in bldg 5; firemen “investigation a half baked farce”; Tom Daschle; snipers; war in Iraq; Global Hawk and more.






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2 Responses to "Solid Gold: Meria with Eric Hufschmid Painful Deceptions of 9/11"

  1. Andi S says:

    Sept 11 is significant only in the Jewish calendar:

    In it, the writers, who appear to be Dispensationalist in their outlook, mention that Rabbis in Israel have been awaiting the date of 9-11 for the past 400 years. The date of 9-11-1999 (Rosh Hashanah) began the period of the “Judgement of Nations”, whic culminated in the September 11th, 2001 attack. Other dates, covering events such as the death of Syria’s Assad and the Camp David Accords are also mentioned, which should interest anyone who has been keeping track of the odd “coincidental” dates that seem to accompany recent disasters and other significant world events.

    According to Israeli entertainer Uri Geller, Hebrew scripture states that September 11 of the Year One in the Jewish calendar is the birth date of Adam. He also states that the 6000th anniversary of Adam’s creation is September 11, 1999.


  2. Deborah Alexander says:

    I had forgotten some of those “anomalies” that he brought up….and as far as I can remember, he is the only one who really took on the issue of where-are-the-bodies. That is something that has puzzled me from September 12, 2001 right up to this day. I went on NetFlix when this interview first aired and requested that his movie be made available. Still not offered as a NetFlix selection, so I just requested it AGAIN.

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