Meria Delivers The News


5/20/13 Meria Delivers the News: Civilians no longer in charge of the military – it’s over; Tornadoes over Mid-West; Obama Admin spied on reporters; Measles in the UK; more poor in suburbs than cities; Soda cashes in big on food stamps; men cutting out prostate glands; new dust bowl; the 9/11 “cell phone” calls, Beamers phone made 19 calls after the crash; France buying US drones; No.Korea fires projectile, missiles; 7 foreign chemical engineers caught at Boston Water supply; terrorists hidden in our “witness protection” program;mandatory flu shots take a beating; leaks/problems at 3 nuclear power plants; things don’t go better with Koch; repeal Monsanto protection act; Republicans knew of IRS investigation; graduate student killed by cop; man slips abortion pill to g/f; gay man murdered in NYC; drop in retirement security for future generations; FBI cover up in Boston; 2 men charged with murder of Malcolm Shabazz; earthquakes; feces in public pools; military grants itself power over law enforcement; Vermont decriminalizes cannabis; legal pot in Wash. state; Illinois medical pot restrictions; jewelry heist at Cannes; wage theft; train crash; Judge does the right think in Arkansas; 1 in 5 kids mentally ill?7 teens arrested for water balloons; drug use in Greece; and more insanity.



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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Aren’t the Koch brothers ancient? Maybe they are cloned and will never die. Stay tuned.

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