Meria Delivers The News


5/30/13 Meria Delivers The News: Leaking nuclear tanks at Hanford and the cover up; Radioactive waste at Bridgeton; Hurricane Barbara; cop assaults teen at beach; Deputy kills woman at Costco serving pizza; Ricin for Obomba & Bloomberg; asteroid fly by; Father of slain man wants FBI tried; ba-bye to Bachmann; Cops taser man to death for depression; Obama/Bush pick; photoshop & Boston; Chinese to buy Smithfield ham; world’s richest 8% earn 50% of planet’s income; Texas tase man to death over imaginary drugs; cops use special-ed kid for pot bust; Cop shoots man dead for peeing; MI5 & London murder suspect; Canada’s 2011 election fraudulent; new nuke lab accident in Japan; Fukushima exit; train explodes near Baltimore; Walmart dumped hazardous waste in Calif; Russia to aid Syria; ex-Michigan Supreme court judge gets 1 yr in prison; bedroom tax and suicide; wildfire & earthquake in Santa Barbara; High school teacher disciplined for teaching students; 50% of Americans in poverty;1/3 of Britons too poor to mingle; protest at Nike factory in Cambodia; Chinese “hackers”? Chile/Argentine evacs due to volcano; Monsanto’s profits up; GE wheat found in Oregon; Heroin judge quits; and more “stuff”.




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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I’m glad you keep Fukushima alive….just in case there are still people out there teetering on the fence about the “safety” of nuclear energy.

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