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6/3/13 Meria Delivers the News: Frank Lautenberg dead; major floods in Europe; Storms, tornadoes in US; Fires in Calif & New Mexico; records kept private in Newtown; freezing the soil in Fukushima; Protests in Japan, Istanbul; Manning trial starts today; ricin letters; another Bush appointee; storm chasers dead; China gets Iraq oil; fire in poultry plant China; Canada’s “no mask” policy; Ventura – will he run? Housing boom or GRAB? earthquakes; taxpayers to pay for security at UK Bilderberg meeting; strip dance for a job in NY; Oregon’s wheat crop rejected thanks to Monsanto; Starbucks bans smoking outdoors and uses toilet water for coffee; keywords DHS looks for; B.C. rejects tar sands pipeline;165 children starving worldwide; schools scan irises without parents approval; Mexico protests Monsanto; arrested & robbed by cops for first amendment; Corps and cops spying on environmentalists; honor student shot 25 times; volcano erupts in Guatemala; zero interest for savers, 30% for credit card holders; Genetically engineered TREES in No.Carolina; suspended for pop tart pistol; Boston bomber talks to mom; Turkish police brutality; Hep.A outbreak; Google & FBI; Jean Stapleton dead; EPA weakens radiation protection; Homeowner insurance rate spikes (some 90.6 %); Supreme Court approves DNA swabs for arrests; and more “stuff”.



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7 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. shaun70a says:

    Oregon should sue the pants of Monsanto!, great show Meria

  2. Meria says:

    Yes they should. It’s the only way to stop them, in the wallet. Thanks! hugs

  3. lil_devil_04217 says:

    Oh Meria – where would my life be without you? You’re not just ‘Alive and Kicking’, you’re KICKING ASS. I’m sure I am not the only subscriber/listener that appreciates your efforts – considering what you have to report on. It’s all getting so backwards and ridiculous and insane-er! I just can’t believe you haven’t pulled a ‘Network’ moment on your own show – lol. But you keep coming back, and blowing us away. The shows are in a class of there own. Love, Mo and Alexis O’Brien (Because Homeschooling never ends when you have a subscription :) )

  4. Meria says:

    thank you! I amaze myself by not having had a “network moment”….one day it just may happen! lol So glad you enjoy the work.

  5. lil_devil_04217 says:

    *their own.

  6. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Think about living day in and day out in a 200 square foot space. That is smaller than my bedroom (a LOT smaller) and my bedroom is by no means large……and where are you going to put your clothes and are you supposed to shit in your hat?

  7. Meria says:

    they are just slave quarters.

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