Meria With Jerry Karnas – Biological Diversity

462234_web_Obama-Pipeline6/12/13 Meria with Jerry Karnas, Director Campaign on Human Population Growth; His choice to work for the environment; environmental politics/footprints; nature is healing; the disconnect our children have with nature today and the danger of that; fossil fuels are a defective product with dire consequences; Is a healthy planet a civil rights issue? the Keystone XL pipeline; Obama’s promise; drilling more now than in the 1930′s; Germany-a beacon of hope environmentally; the 1700 mile pipeline through the U.S. – we get the risk, the world gets the oil; tar sands oil – at what cost? BP oil spill; endangered species condoms; population growth is unsustainable; extinction crisis; and more great information. Vote with your dollars.



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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Aside from the dangerous environmental and other issues concerning the Keystone Pipeline, it is yet another example of socializing the expense of corporate concerns, while privitizing the profits.

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