Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony


6/5/13 Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony. Knowing the month in advance astrologically; Recent eclipses are rocking our world; solar eclipse in the sign of money; Uranus square Pluto-wants new! lasts all year; Turkey,Japan,Monsanto, the weather;financing system teetering; photon energy and the planet; weather and cosmic alignment (70-85% of it); vibration of the planet shifting; Dutchsinse weather predictions; the Disclosure project; a Grand water trine – very positive; New Moon in Gemini;Summer solstice on the 21st and nostalgia; Full Moon in Capricorn the 23rd; Mercury retrograde the 26th thru July 20; the tough T square; and monthly horoscopes for all signs.




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6 Responses to "Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony"

  1. pranicmegan says:

    Yay!! One of my most favourite shows of the month :D THANKS!!

  2. Meria says:

    I think it’s one of the most important! hugs!

  3. par1 says:

    Thanks for such a positive show Meria! Stars R Us certainly helps me forge ahead,I thought I was loosing my marbles in May….so glad to know that the Universe is bringing it on!!
    Peace and love to both of you.

  4. Meria says:

    you are most welcome! The vibes are changing, that’s for sure. It’s always good to start the month knowing what’s going on! hugs.

  5. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    It occurs to me that the reason Obama seems to be so stressed might be because he is a man who actually has a conscience. It is extremely damaging to the psyche when one is continually “ordered” to do horrible things.

    Soooo excited about your new book. It is a book for people of any age because it is not just about relationships with current or potential lovers, but relationships with all the people in your life – past, present, and future!!

  6. Meria says:

    I can’t agree on Obomba. I think he’s just a good actor. Yes the book is great (If I say so myself).

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