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970243_10151542875606275_952465009_n7/15/13 Meria Delivers The News: The Zimmerman acquittal and reactions to it; meanwhile a black woman in Florida gets 20 yrs for just firing a gun; Snowden: the US Govt’s worse nightmare; Snowden’s statement to the world; Kiriakou warns Snowden “they are all corrupt”; Robots on the farm; Civil charges for Zimmerman? Cory Monteith dead; women humiliated at Texas Senate hearing as they pass abortion restrictions; Dow & Monsanto have to pay for Agent Orange; contractor dumps 340 TONS of radioactive water into irrigation in Fukushima; 1 camera per 11 people in UK; Where’s the coverage on Bradley Manning’s case wrapping up? FBI’s non-cooperation in Boston investigation; Canadian soldiers rapists of boys in Afghan; Jordan taps aquifer; pork to go up due to virus; another mid-air “incident” with Boeing 777; No.Carolina’s LYING Governor; world citizen passport for Snowden; Snowden applies for asylum in Russia; “United Stasi of America”-Berlin; students being taught in school to ignore 9/11 skeptics; Farm bill corporate welfare,no food stamps; Napolitano to resign from DHS; Microsoft in bed with NSA; background checks for jobs – racist; all male Iowa Supremes vote against pretty women; scumbags confiscate tampons; earthquakes and more “stuff”.




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4 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. darling says:

    If only the news could be read this honestly on mainstream…roll on The People’s Voice and thrilled to hear Meria is part of this new news platform.

  2. Meria says:

    thanks Wendy! The talking heads have no soul or brain

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Humans crave “justice.” Not sure when the tipping point will come where no one will pay any attention to the police or the courts and will just effect their own vigilante justice, but it will come.

  4. Meria says:

    I agree

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