Roaring Truth with Meria & Jim Fetzer

x-lion-background 7/9/13 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. We were here covering/warning about  this for decades; What’s the NSA surveillance really about? Brazil inquires about US spying;Other nations anger; Brazil #1 target of NSA in Latin America;Snowden a patriot;did Snowden betray his country or follow his oath? NSA guilty of treason; plane crashes now and on 9/11/01; where’s the evidence? FBI terror; Flight 800 hit by a missile; Booz Allen Hamilton’s revolving door includes Clapper; Evo Morales plane hijacked by US; what about Intl. law? no protection for whistleblowers; Obama worse than Bush; Syria-Egypt; Libya was about the Central Bank; Wesley Clark’s revelations; Israel overplayed it’s hand; fascism is HERE in the USA; FBI’s “assassination program” of Occupy leaders; State militarized police, the new Stasi; following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany, even the Germans realize it. Will we be disappeared? America – a failed experiment.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    As horrific as it is to listen to all of this stuff, I STILL would rather know than not know. Thank you for keeping on the pressure by reporting it over and over and over. Sometimes it takes 10 times of hearing something before we can actually “believe” it – which I guess is a form of reverse propaganda. Rather than stocking up on food and guns, I think we should all stock up on alcohol and oxycodone. Why stick around to survive in continual horror and slave labor when we can just slip off the planet in a pleasant stupor, easy-breezy?

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