Conversations with David – with Meria and David Icke

Me & David8/27/13 Conversations with David with Meria & David Icke. People are starting to see the world as it really is; Syria – blatant lies; Same lies for Assad as Libya; NATO/US/UK/Israeli sponsored “rebels”; Want control over Eurasia; false flags; WMDs-Iraq; Gaddafi-Libya; the agenda for Egypt; Lebanon & Iran next on their list of 7 countries to invade – General Wesley Clarke; the part of the Saudi’s and UAE; Prince Bandar; plan is WW3 and global control; Snowden,Manning, Hastings; “The Perception Deception”-David’s latest book; Fukushima – Israel’s security from Dimona; creating tsunami’s for weapons since the 1940s; small nukes in plant; detonation speed; Rothschilds and nuclear power. Latest on The People’s Voice and more.





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10 Responses to "Conversations with David – with Meria and David Icke"

  1. manoobo says:

    Wow, what a great informative show…..between my walk in the forest and coming home to listen to you and David, my life is in balance and it gives me the incentive to keep speaking the truth, for all that is hidden must be revealed…….and the bastards are kind of stumbling over themselves now. Thank you once again for helping me to keep it all in perspective.

  2. lil_devil_04217 says:

    Wow! Another show that could have gone on for hours! The info on FUBAR-shima was amazing – not shocking as those Reptiles feed off of radiation. The Rothschild insanity has to stop – they are the Original War Criminals to me. Their whole Baphomet worshipping Psychopath bloodline need to be dragged to The Hague. They did a soft-kill special on US, and now they want more of our young men and women to kill and be killed for them? We need to rid this planet of these freaks ASAP. Dave sounds fantastic – he’s always pumped when he talks to you!

  3. Meria says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Yes David and I do well together….great minds…lol

  4. Meria says:

    I’m glad. Staying in balance is key in a disturbed world. hugs

  5. shaun70a says:

    It’s great you and David addressed Syria. I’d like to add that the Telegraph did a recent online poll of UK citizens about Syria intervention 79% of people said no to any intervention, the poll suddenly disappeared, obviously not the right answer. So it looks as if the british people are as clued up about this war racket as the US people. The governments are playing a very dangerous game by revealing their true colours and attempting to go ahead anyway. They may not give a hoot about us but alienating 79% of people by using weak excuses/false flags will have consequences.
    We really are at the end of empire, the last desperate moves of a sad, overstretched and dying control system. Any time I get depressed by hearing the news you report I just remind myself of that fact. It will come to an end just like all others before it and those who have invested so much energy in gaining power and control will once again become powerless as the people supporting it walk away.

  6. pbraunschweiler says:

    It’s ALWAYS a great show when two of the greatest are together! As a supporter of “The People’s Voice”, I wish him and his team the best of luck. Also, looking forward to reading “The Perception Deception”. Thank you, Meria, for all of these fabulous shows!

  7. Meria says:

    thanks Pat! Me too!

  8. Meria says:

    yup, it’s all crashing and burning around them, but they know they are out of time and have already lost….keep that in mind – hugs

  9. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Yet another confirmation that I need to keep my 1996 Jeep (with no GPS, Blue Tooth, etc. for my conveeeenience and “safety”) maintained and NOT be tempted to buy a new bigger, “better” car.

  10. Meria says:

    why I decided to buy my car and keep it.

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