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Unknown8/1/13 Meria Delivers the News as she begins her 14th year on the net: Snowden granted asylum by Russia;Snowden’s comments, govt reactions, his dad’s reactions; Snowden on internet spying; Obama tries to defend his spying program; court approves warrantless cellphone tracking; IRS topdogs spent $9.5 million (2 yrs) on vacations, while Detroit strips Pensioners; Hawaii flying out the homeless; Thailand oil spill; Canadian oil spill; Gulf dying; war on drugs just cost taxpayers $4.1 million settlement;Spain train crash – driver on the phone; Another train crash-Switzerland; Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy; 2 shooters in Sandy Hook; Michael Hastings assassinated? Ex CIA whistleblower comes forth; New Zealand and US spy agencies; New Zealand kicks out man for being too fat; James Comey slipped in as head of FBI; gas explosion in Florida; suing energy companies; GE beets burned in Southern Oregon; Obama wants to further slash corporate taxes; fast food workers strike; No.Carolina Governor signs bills he hasn’t read, breaks campaign promise; doctors can’t prescribe fruits and veggies; Born Equal in UK – end the monarchy; Pope on gays; Obama says no to bail out Detroit (breaking campaign promise); Weiner in 4th place; floods wipe out produce; soda ban unconstitutional; Eileen Brennan dead; surrounding China; Zimmerman gets off again; 1/5 of Brazil’s sugar cane gone; wildfires in Pacific NW; Gitmo costs $2.7 mil per prisoner, per year; beef recall and more stuff.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Fruits and vegetables are “unapproved drugs”? Wow – do they even listen to themselves? We should play that sound bite over and over and over…..and make them have to quit their jobs for being too stupid to actually hold a job. Give them a one-way ticket to Alaska to live next-door to Sarah Palin.

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