Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan

tumblr_lm6snm18RW1qcxi2ko1_cover8/21/13 Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan. Send in the clowns go round and round with the “news” today. Bradley Manning’s sentence; Snowden/Greenwald; new killing weapon – who will buy it? Worse, who will use it? the smart gun; Boston Bombings and new surveillance techniques; false flag for Septemeber? Esquire Magazine – Who is John H. Richardson? Might as well live in Laurel Canyon; Russ Baker on Michael Hastings; drugs? What’s up with that? Hasting’s wife’s background, even a former speechwriter for Condiliar Rice; Syria’s “gas attack” – same old story; Princess Diana’s murder; ISI-Bhutto-Daniel Pearl – 9/11/01 and much more.







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12 Responses to "Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan"

  1. manoobo says:

    Excellent show as usual. Dave is brilliant with his background research and I surely do appreciate being armed with this knowledge. Thank you both.

  2. Meria says:

    thanks, after 13 years together we have a lot of fun with it.

  3. andyirbuchan says:

    Regarding Alex Jones — I can tell you in one sentence just exactly why he has such success — he is an antidote to the mainstream media. By which I mean that, if you watch/listen/read the mainstream media, Alex jones serves as an effective NARCOTIC to that crap. Only if you completely — and I here mean completely — cut the mainstream media from your life, do you come to realise & relate that Jones is basically the “flip side of the coin” to the aforementioned mainstream. He is broadcasting the same information, just perhaps a little more entertainlngly (if you life that sort of thing!).
    Following on from that point, Meria, I would like to direct you & any that might read this towards a “Project Avalon” Interview with an Insider that was first released very early 2011. You can view it for free on YouTube still, although I am confident that should this Interview, should it gain any significant traction, will become (magically!) unavailable. This Insider, who is called in the Interview “Charles”, was a Fixer for the REAL Elite (who he describes as 427 Families [Bloodlines] with 33 Families [Bloodlines] at the Core]. What comes across so effectively in this Interview is not any particular information — indeed none of the information really surprises — but the PSYCHOLOGY of these Elite. The real Elite is NOTHING alike that described by Jones: they are sober, pragmatic, intelligent, realistic, and go about all of their business with the least amount of fuss — their whole mission is in reality to utterly avoid any attention whatsoever. “Charles” described how, to the Elite’s mindset, anything between 70% to 90% of the alternative media is to the Elite nothing more than comedy — he relates how he has been in rooms of whiskey & cigars with these Elites in peals of laughter at what is being said on the Internet. I have only been on the Net since late 2010, but in these three years of viewing various “Insiders”, this one is the ONLY one to ring true & authentic. All the others? Not for me to judge! But I urge you, Meria, to look up this Interview while it is still available. It is Underground Gold.

  4. one4you says:


    Your my true News Source Tuesday through Friday. As soon as I sit down to work your show is the first thing I pull up. I love the main staple guests and the new eye opening guests you manage to come across. I don’t always agree with you on some things, but I do 95 percent of the time… I would not be human if I did not have my own opinions and I appreciate your candid responses when I need a swift kick in the butt. Dave McGowan is a RIOT and tells it like it is. He is one of my favorites and I have read almost every article on his site. His comments on the Host you will not mention is right on and I learned something new today on that individual. I keep an open mind on everything and visit a lot of alternative web sites. I feel it is important to keep tabs on what is out there and if I question something your the first person I ask. Most of the time you have heard the rumor too and dismiss it along with me. Thanks for being there.

  5. pbraunschweiler says:

    Another fabulous “Send In The Clowns”! I was thinking about the “Smart Gun”…could the “purpose” be to make it easier for people to kill each other? Maybe just to take the pressure off Monsanto, HAARP etc….Just a thought…:)

  6. Meria says:

    No one should agree 100% with anyone without feeling it resonate with their own self and doing some research on their own. I see no reason to give the host without mention any air time, since he has enough which he can afford to pay for. I have my own inner knowledge of him and what he’s done to others. I trust my intuition 100% on people and recognize a coyote when I see one. Glad you enjoy the shows, and yes Dave is a riot indeed. I’m lucky to have him so exclusively all these years. He knows he can trust me 100%. hugs

  7. Meria says:

    of course the elite are as you describe. They aren’t human in my book, but soulless creatures enjoying the suffering and takeover of the human race. What gets me is how willing people are to support lies while I limp along year after year. Flip side indeed, inside is more like it. People make their own choice and by their own choice you can see how few people will actually “get it” in time to save their soul. I don’t consider (never have) my show entertainment, I consider it an education for those who want it. hugs

  8. andyirbuchan says:

    Naturally the Elite have lost their Souls — I mentioned the Interview by the Insider as in my estimation he, through the Interview, has gone some way to winning back his Soul. Regarding the Souls of the general population, you are correct — it’s sad but true, this life is not a game, the vast majority of the people, by in effect following the Elite, are in reality putting their own Souls in mortal peril.

  9. Meria says:

    The problem is most people are fighting for their souls and don’t know it. I work on keeping my soul intact every day with every motion. hugs

  10. mrh1983 says:

    Related to Laurel Canyon: Guess who’s living in the Wonderland murder house now? “Party rockers” (?) LMFAO.


    “Then we moved into the house. We call it the Wonderland house. It was the real house where the Wonderland murders took place,”
    “We didn’t know it at first,” Redfoo said of their home’s prior tenants. “The house was $2,500 a month; we were like, ‘Score!’” So did it freak them out? Not necessarily, but they still took some precautions. “I don’t really believe in the supernatural, as far as the negativity,” Redfoo said. “Our parents were upset and scared. We saged the house.” (Saging is a method some spiritualists use to cleanse houses of negative energy.)”

    One of the upset parents he’s talking about is Motown’s Berry Gordy, by the way…

  11. Meria says:

    crazy. I surely wouldn’t want to live in that negative space, there isnt enough smudge in the world -

  12. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    So interesting to hear about a new gun that is clearly only intended to be used to pick off (assassinate) other humans. It is so outrageous, I would have expected it to be a satirical story on Saturday Night Live, but I am sure it is true.

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