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I-Didnt-Join-The-Navy-To-Fight-For-Al-Qaeda-In-A-Syrian-Civil-War-460x3459/5/13  Meria Delivers the News (like no one else): Syria -oil, gas, lies; Obomba in Russia; Putin’s wants REAL proof; WW3 on deck? Will Democrats vote with Obomba or the people? Canada backs US; Kerry’s lies and McCain’s poker game; NSA hacks routers – easier; Glasgow -30% not employed;36% of Americans not employed; Emergency at Palo Verde Nuke Plant, Az; Fukushima worsens; cops beat man on ground relentlessly; Barrett Brown fights gag order; UN on Syria;Obomba’s doublespeak;Toyota recall; Israel driving US to war; Jon Stewart on Syria; huge earthquakes; DEA and AT&T spying; global political awakening-Brzezinski; Israel/US missile test; Diana Nyad – hero at 64; Syrian hack of Marine.com;Ron Paul “Syria a false flag”; US wanted to stage chemical attack in Syria, blame Assad; Hungary declares sovereignty from IMF;sodium fluoride – chemical weapon is Syria in water in US; Ariel Castro dead; US used chemical weapons in Iraq; IDF already on Lebanese border;”help protect Israel” pitched to Congress; Taliban busy in Afghanistan;banking/Larry Summers & Syria; and more.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    It would really be good if push-backs on the planned Syrian attack were to keep building from all sectors of the American populace, as well as the international communities. Your points about our own government continually using chemical weapons on us is well taken, and let us not leave out all of the involuntary innoculations that are forced on our children and our healthcare providers…..and are highly touted on TV and on big banners floating in front of every drugstore.

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