Meria Delivers The News

Stew-Word-Storm_Koch-Bros-One-Word-e133729685069710/10/13 Meria Delivers The News: Koch Brothers planned and paid for the govt shutdown; TPP and the demise of US laws; NRC furloughs most workers; Narco-state Afghanistan-mission accomplished; NSA’s data center meltdowns; radiation in Japanese fish; congressional approval 5%;3 star general fired; military death benefits; Park Rangers told to make life difficult; tourists at Yellowstone treated as criminals;2013 “Shake Out” drill 10/17; Prison guards busted;drug offenders and SNAP; Jimmy Carter “todays middle class resembles past’s poor; Gunman kills on train in San Fran, everyone too busy with gadgets to notice; gas pipeline explodes in Okla; cop arrested in motorcycle incident;water crisis in Calif; water scarcity by 2030; Janet Yellen, 5th Jewish Fed Chair, what are the chances? cops kill diabetic who made a 911 call; Obamacare glitches; kids prefer fake meat; doctors vs. Obamacare; Militarization of police in US; salmonella outbreak; and more “stuff”.





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4 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Your comment about Clinton was too funny! “He was getting a….” Thanks for another fantastic News Show…have a great weekend!

  2. Meria says:

    ha, sometimes my mouth flies way ahead of my brain – lol Glad you enjoyed it! hugs

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    My intuition tells me that the doctors threatening to get out of “the business” if Obamacare goes into full-bore seems rather silly. After spending upwards of a million bucks to get a license to practice medicine (and 8 years of their lives attending medical school and another three or four to get “good”), what are these doctors going to do for work? Sell hot dogs at the ballpark? Git the flock outta heah!

  4. Meria says:

    my own chiro says she’s over medicaid, can’t deal with all their requirements and paperwork.

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