Meria Delivers The News


10/24/13 Meria Deliver The News: Diebold charged with bribery and criminal conduct; Scientists mutating H7N9;more storms for Honshu,Japan; Fukushima reports; Amnesty says US guilty of war crimes; UN to investigate US prisons; 4 Air Force officers gone;Australian fires started by Army; EU pissed over NSA spying; Lt. John Pike gets $38k in workers comp; deadline for Obamacare extended;Suzuki & Nissan recalls; fake gun gets kid killed; kid kills teacher, goes to movie; BOA found liable for fraud; JP Morgan settlement tax deductible;Idaho cops kill dog; top 10 CEO’s make more than $100m a year; TSA and you; Ted Cruz “Anointed as king”; Koch brothers to make $100 billion off Keystone XL Pipeline; school shooting in Nevada; Judge quits Repugs; NYPD can’t differentiate Jolly Rogers candy from meth; filmed by cops while stripping; $1.6 B to Pakistan (bribe); another arrest in dry-ice explosions; $7 billion of supplies left behind in Afghanistan; millions wrongly treated for cancer; IRS workers owe $5.4Million in taxes and more “stuff”.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Spending millions of our tax dollars to make the world less safe by creating new viruses? Now, isn’t THAT terroristic (not to mention criminal) activities? Oy ve!

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