Meria With Roger Stone “The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ”


11/27/13 Meria interviews political strategist and author Roger Stone on his fabulous book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ”. Stolen elections? -an old American tradition; Nixon was convinced LBJ was involved in the assassination. Roger worked with Nixon and should know; 4 future presidents in Dallas that day; Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) an LBJ man; Nixon tried investigating the assassination- got Watergate instead (and pardoned); Gerald Ford altered the autopsy records; Malcolm “Mac” Wallace the real shooter in the depository- LBJ’s personal “hit man”; Mauser rifle found on 5th floor; Wallace fingerprint found; 30 yrs of research and 10 yrs to write this book; Roger’s canned CNN interview; reinforcing the official “story”; LBJ: linchpin,alcoholic,whoremaster,crude,vicious, murdering loudmouth; LBJ’s 3 illegitimate children-Jack Valenti his beard; 8 murders before JFK; Bill Moyers part in cover up and set up; youtube: The Men Who Killed Kennedy”; RFK vs. LBJ; did LBJ kill MLK & RFK? who benefitted the most? motive; George HW Bush involved; Bill O’Reilly in Dallas, why did he lie? why did LBJ duck before the shots were fired? profiteering off Vietnam and much more.




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6 Responses to "Meria With Roger Stone “The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ”"

  1. andie says:

    No matter how much of a jerk and a criminal drunk Johnson was, the assassination is far bigger than him. Remember his cover up of the USS Liberty. Israel is more likely behind the JFK issue, Johnson on their payroll, no doubt http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/2013/11/jfk-oswald-ruby-cia-and-mossad.html

    Brice Taylor’s book Thanks for the Memories has a chapter titled All the Way With LBJ, which is pretty disgusting by itself.

  2. Meria says:

    there were many players including Israel, but Johnson benefitted the most (except for his soul). hugs

  3. pbraunschweiler says:

    Another fabulous interview, and another book I will be buying thanks to you!

  4. andie says:

    More on Israel and JFK

    Billionaire Hollywood producer and Israeli citizen, Arnon Milchan, who has long tinkered with the American mind and apparently tailored Oliver Stone’s “JFK” to divert from Israel’s and the jewish role in the assassination has finally admitted that he worked as a terrorist arms dealer and spy for his ‘country.’

    Arnon Milchan gave a lengthy interview to the Israeli documentary programme Uvda, broadcast on Monday on Channel 2, confirming claims made earlier in an unauthorised biography that he worked for an Israeli agency which neegotiated arms deals and supported Israel’s secret nuclear weapons project.

    He claimed to have used connections to promote the apartheid regime in South Africa in exchange for it helping Israel acquire uranium.

    Milchan, who is part-owner of Israel’s Channel 10 television company, also admitted trying to use an unnamed big star to entice a US nuclear scientist to a private meeting in the actor’s house, although the report didn’t clarify if the rendezvous ever took place.

    Notice that in the US, western and Israeli main steam media reports, that while listing a number of films Milchan has produced, “JFK” is conspicuous by its absence.

    Shouldn’t there be an immediate indictment issued for Milchan’s arrest? If he ever sets foot again in this country shouldn’t he be taken into custody for high crimes? He should share a cell with Jonathan Pollard.

    Of course it won’t happen and we all know the reasons why. It does add to the list of why we should boycott all Hollywood films as they so often provide cover for the crimes and myths of Israel. Being a traitor to the country these propagandists work in is just business as usual.

    from http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/2013/11/tinker-tailor-terrorist-spy.html

  5. Meria says:

    yes I saw that story on facebook yesterday. I agree, Hollywood is controlled by Zionists without a doubt. Each big “star” has to give their soul over to them. Thanks for the info!

  6. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Continued support for your answer to the question “Who killed JFK?” – all of the above.

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