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12/19/13 Meria Delivers The News: Plastic money; Target hacked, check your cards; storms in Scotland; austerity in Ireland; Stupid GOP statements; taking your assets after your dead-Obamacare; Woolsey wants Snowden hung; no amnesty for Snowden; Snowden’s open letter to Brazil; dolphins dying as result of Gulf Oil Spill; Israeli’s rounding up and detaining African immigrants; Snowden: Person of the year; limits on NSA surveillance; US sailors lose to Fukushima; Fukushima’s latest; Jeh “drones” Johnson to lead homeland security; US to deploy ABM’s in Europe; China rejects our grain; Arctic 30 & PussyRiot released; Obama says no to winter Olympics; bald eagles dropping dead in Utah; Australia’s job losses; US income gap holding back economy;selling Great Lakes to China? Sheriffs refuse to enforce gun laws; academic boycott of Israel; superbug in US chicken; online pressure works and more “stuff”.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Target asks for your SSN in order to be a “member.” When they first made the offer to me, I asked, “Why would you think you had the right to my SSN?’ The response was, “Well, we just need to verify that ‘you’ are ‘you.’” I said, “I can certainly confirm to you that I AM ‘me’ and I have no interest in your membership program, because your purpose is to bribe me into giving up my personal information.” I didn’t actually go so far as to yell, “Blow me” to the manager, but the thought crossed my mind.

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