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12/23/13 Meria Delivers The News: So this is Christmas? Cutting food stamps, unemployment, Billions for the war machine & Israel; earthquakes; latest on Fukushima; US to intervene in So. Sudan (oil); TEPCO to send people over 55 to work; Gardasil recall; Portugese & Italian revolts; Canada’s foreign minister hates Snowden; letters to Santa very sad this year; Ice storms in US & Canada; Israel cries about being spied on; cannabis raids in Scotland; Castro & US relations; Snowden-Whistleblower of the Year; China opens hospital for smog illness; $633 Billion for military budget; UK’s severe youth unemployment; 9/11 families can sue Saudi Arabia; Utah & New Mexico get same sex marriage; BP dumped toxic radioactive waste in Gulf; now in a police state -Paul Craig Roberts; Obama reduces sentences for 8 crack cases; data brokers are whores; D.C. raises minimum wage; N.M. woman sues for invasive search at border; Homeland Sec watchdog gone; Americans think Afghan war was a waste; Joe Arpaio loses in court; and more “stuff”.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    The government has created plenty of jobs for our youth – in the military and with mercenary companies. So, we need wars to keep all of those people occupied.

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