Meria with Dave Gardner-Producer “Growth Busters, Hooked On Growth”


12/11/13 Meria interviews Producer, activist Dave Gardner on his film “GrowthBusters, Hooked on Growth“. Economic and population growth -sustainable? What made Dave decide to run for office? Over 7 billion people on Earth today, projected to 11 billion; the “cowboy economy” is over; there are limits to growth; providing for our children; define success; were we born to work and consume? Are we consumers or human beings? Isolated by technology; can science and technology save us? non-renewable resources; we no longer live in an empty world; European lifestyles; crossed the one planet threshold in the 70′s; what really counts in life? the three L’s; teenage concerns today; our cultural narrative needs to change; the end of growth forces us to do the right thing; will we all be living like battery hens? childless by choice and much more.




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3 Responses to "Meria with Dave Gardner-Producer “Growth Busters, Hooked On Growth”"

  1. pilot says:


    This guest seems like a very nice man, but the way he kept banging on overpopulation makes my radar go off. The overpopulation gambit is trotted out by eugenicists over and over to make people hate their own existence.

    I am more concerned with how our resources are destroyed by big oil and gas companies, etc rather than people being born. How do these people propose we discourage “third world” populations from growing??? Our population in US is already in decline.

  2. Meria says:

    I’ve done many many shows on too many people and finite resources. Also several on how to keep 3rd world populations from growing – everything from educational soap operas teaching
    them about contraception and more. Surf the archives here to find them. Americans have already overshot their own lifestyle by reaching the amount of people we have – economically (no jobs, etc). I’ve done shows with people who are childless by choice too. His work doesn’t only deal with overpopulation, more about the finite resources greed etc have devoured. There are many studies (reality alone shows us) that our children will never have the oppty’s we had nor the lifespan. Humans have not respected their planet as if we have another we can switch out. Of course you are right about oil and gas companies, food companies, pharmaceuticals companies etc. hugs!

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I am one of those people who is still waiting to become a millionaire. I’m pretty sure that large sums of money are not going to rain down upon me. Therefore, definitely time for me to exploit my talents to provide products people need and want – and can afford.

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