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1/27/14 Meria Delivers The News: Canadian pipeline explodes; Vatican doves attacked; What’s really going on in the Ukraine? Israel’s defense computers hacked;bread and water in Az; earthquakes; Super rich compares 1% to Jews under Nazi’s; US sues KBR; Egypt; latest on Snowden; fines for doctors ripping off Medicare; Hollande splits; China’s smog in L.A. due to outsourcing; crazy republican stories; another shooting in a no gun zone; latest on Fukushima; Japan’s new “secrecy law”; Bill DeBlasio says his job is to defend Israel; radioactive waste in N.Dakota; Florida vs. homeless; Holder on banks and pot money; Obama on rape; Nader on Fukushima; tritium in groundwater in Ohio; 2nd chemical in leak in W.Va; the movie “Mitt”; death penalty for Boston bomber? Herbalife under the microscope; sexist attacks on Wendy Davis; worse drought in 500 yrs for Calif; cyber attack on US court system; propane shortage and price gouging; chips in food packaging; Netanyahu on settlements; Netanyahu’s son dating a GOYIM; and more stuff.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I’m pretty sure the U.S. military is gassing up the planes as we speak to put “boots on the ground” in the Ukraine.

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