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2/13/14 Meria Delivers the News: 108 mph winds/storms in UK; Snowmageddon in US; Venice frozen;$300 mil to Afghanistan;Rand Paul files lawsuit on NSA;Maryland won’t provide services to NSA;Tsarnaev pleads not guilty;Congress wants Obama to classify marijuana as legal drug;Sid Caesar dies;raising debt ceiling;Ray Nagin found guilty;8th grader sues for rape on bus; fewer suicides with legalization;human meat on the menu;Earthquakes; Trump loses in Scotland;coal sludge pipeline breaks in W.Va; mammograms valueless; U.S. 46th in press freedom;Yellen-more of the same;human horror stories;DARPA’s brain implants; dirty surgical instruments and CJD; starfish deaths;Fukushima; rejecting Trader Joe’s?; polygamist win in Utah; drug laws must change; leaked emails:destroy photos of Bin Laden’s death;blast in New Hampshire and more “stuff”.




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3 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Happiness is a new perspective! Ie. Maryjane info. and hurrah to lower suicide rates.

  2. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Human flesh-eating? That made meI yell out loud, “Ohhhhhh!” in a Brooklyn Italian accent. (I had a Tony Soprano moment.) HILARIOUS!!!! No different to me, though, than eating the flesh of all the other animals.

  3. Meria says:

    I agree. Why not human flesh?

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