Meria Delivers The News


3/10/14 Meria Delivers The News: Missing Malaysian plane (Shanksville?); FBI heads to Malaysia (why); Latest on Fukushima and WIPP; USDA and poultry; FBI investigating Corrections Corp. of America; Israel gets multi-million dollar contract to build apartheid wall in US/Mexico; Judge lets Chevron off the hook; Owner of mansion ripped off workers, got shot; US warship on the move; Ukraine deal with Chevron; Maidan coalition and US support in Ukraine; Crimea wants back in Russia; Russia may freeze or take US assets; Condi Rice and Rutgers; coal ash lawsuits to be blocked; Nuclear shut downs; Earthquakes; Pope and same-sex unions; 70% of unemployed under 55; Gary Cohen resigns; Texas war on women continues; will US chicken be shipped to China for processing? Your fish is; Bernie for president? Calif towns out of water; Protests in Japan; US retailers closing; taking your kids for your political views? huge GM recall; Dr.Sanjay Gupta doubling down on cannabis; Jerry Boykin “the jews are the problem”; Snowden speaks; police bullying in Scotland; Cal. Lt.Gov wants total legalization and more “stuff”.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Where the hell were all those free child-minding services when you and I were trying to raise OUR kids? (JK)

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