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3/13/14 Meria Delivers the News: Why Americans are getting fatter; Latest on Fukushima and WIPP; gas explosion in NY; death row inmate freed; Michigan wants you to work for your welfare (no jobs); US busted; Wall St bonuses up; Jan Brewer to go away; China syndrome; Ohio earthquakes & fracking; ¬†latest on missing Malaysian flight; 777’s and mid-air breakups; 3rd anniv. of Fukushima; work until you die; young republicans have different ideas than older ones; this yrs Boston Marathon -3900 law enforcers; Russia’s response to US sanctions; US response to Crimea; Blackwater and the Ukraine; Latest on Christie-Gate; Vermont to vote on public banking; earthquake reports; Feinstein vs. CIA; Zimmerman at gun show; GM’s criminal investigation; 350,000 new felons in Connecticut; Alabama’s lack of brain health; Hanfords radioactive problem; and more “stuff”.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Your news shows are vital in my life. You cover global stories that are not readily available in so much of what passes for “news” shows on commercial TV because those shows are America-centric. It’s no wonder that Americans are so ignorant about worldwide events – “they” work very hard to keep us that way.

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