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3/20/14 Meria Delivers the News: Latest on the “missing” Malaysian flight; shareholders in Freestyle(electronic warfare firm) include the Carlyle Group; Latest on Fukushima; earthquakes; Moscow’s sanctions against US; Putin on US exceptionalism; Fred Phelps finally dead; breast cancer in Scotland;W.Va. still not drinking water; NSA data collection used for police state and law enforcement;No jail time for General; 10 yrs for Kevin Trudeau; Dairy lies in advertising-no jail time; more radiation leaks in New Mexico;Navy pollutes pristine waters;Israel’s latest bullcrap; Ottawa’s secrecy forever law; ACLU vs cops in NJ; China colonizing US; former NSA official Bill Binney says we are in a police state;NYFD pays millions;former bank exec robs bank; radioactive plume in So.Carolina;oil leak in Ohio; Elizabeth Warren on mortgage fraud;Corn eating worms back;crazy male statements;Michigan rape insurance law;under-employed college grads; Untaxed hustlers of Wall St;cops immunity;Alabama using courts as money machine;Israel’s war on American campuses;Kansas retaliation bill;gun tattoo panic;murder for stillbirth?and more stuff.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Did you just say that the environment in certain areas is being polluted by “sweet” crude? Ugh.

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