Roaring Truth with Meria and Professor Jim Fetzer


3/11/14 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer; the Coup d’etat in Ukraine;many years in the making by US; mercenaries on the ground;Kerry pontificates ignoring how US has broken international laws; US broken agreements with Russia; Ukraine gold sent to US, now IMF ready to carve up Ukraine;Ukraine not a member of NATO; gas and oil; Putin’s response to sanctions;NOT a popular revolution; The missing Malaysian airplane; stolen passports;eventually blame Iran for everything-why? cell phones on planes still ringing;black boxes;explosives on planes? Sherlock Holmes; computer experts on board; Wesley Clark’s list of seven; Israel-Kings of false flags; Israel’s contract for wall in US/Mexico; legalize marijuana -smoke your high or drink your high; Colo – $3.5 mil in taxes in one month; more on Sandy Hook-Wolfgang Halbig; “Unraveling Sandy Hook”; Craft International and Boston;TSA and high explosives purchase; watch out for gun grabs and lots more.




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5 Responses to "Roaring Truth with Meria and Professor Jim Fetzer"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    If the statement “The Truth Hurts” is true, for people who don’t want to hear it, listening to you and Jim Fetzer on “The Roaring Truth” must be excruciatingly painful! That’s why I love these shows! I just wish I knew how to get the people who really NEED to hear these Truths to hear them. I’m working on it…Anyway, thanks to you and Professor Fetzer for another fabulous show!

  2. Meria says:

    thank you! I can’t stress the importance of people tuning in to my show every day enough! I enjoy my time with all my co-hosts – wait till you hear todays kickoff “The Bigger Picture”, I loved it!

  3. dts51sound says:

    Hi Meria,

    Was off from work all last week, and that’s when I do most of my podcast listening. So last night I had a 5 show marathon of Meria Heller, 3 from last week and the 2 so far from this week. I gotta tell ya Meria, if I had any hair, I would have been pulling it out during last weeks show with the guy from NORML. I watch, read & listen to so much other information, that all I could hear from Paul Armentano was “a slave consistently begging a master for permission”. I know that after having Larken Rose on your show, you know what I mean.

    On the other hand, I am not all that into astrology, but last weeks show with Joseph Anthony had me saying holy shit more times than I’d like to admit. Some of what he brought up was on par with the information I get from Mark Passio.

    Finally, Jim Fetzer always brings up the same “primary” events, and always seems to have new information that further solidifies his stance on these events. I came across the story of Wolfgang Halbig on facebook and other shows. Here is a link to an interview he was giving, which he had to cut short because of a 3rd harassment visit from police. http://youtu.be/m0ThvL55R9I
    I’m always somewhat inspired when I can see and hear the connections and resonance within the truth/alternative media community.

    Love ya.

    Ivan from Phoenix

  4. Meria says:

    Hi Ivan, I’ve got many listeners that listen to the shows that way too! Marathon’s, lol. Slave begging for permission is right. Todays show with Michael Reccia talks about just who and how powerful we are. Yes, Jim always has new layers to old stories that tie into new stories, that’s why I love him. Glad you enjoyed the truth!

  5. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I always appreciate getting Jim Fetzer’s EXTREMELY assionate take on current events.

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