Meria Delivers The News


5/8/14 Meria Delivers The News: US Hispanics dump Catholicism;stay on net neutrality;US military to Nigeria – another Joseph Kony story?Yellen satisfies Wall Street;Israeli’s stuck in Israel;Toxins in W.Va;sick “purity balls”; Nobel winners want end to war on drugs;Israel spying on US terrifying; drinking toilet water in Texas;Lois Lerner-fallguy;Ted Cruz-American Taliban;Missouri Senate-American taliban;Texas cops shoot 93 yr old woman;US preparing for war with China;Monica back in the news;Fukushima latest;Az.Pastor says women deserve rape -another American Taliban; US “Palestine will get State”; chemtrail protest in UK; US 26th in life expectancy;democracy dead -Cecily McMillan convicted;Roy Moore, Chief Justice in Alabama -American Taliban;Ford recall;no justice with Supremes;UK asthma off the charts;Senate wants to bypass Obama on Keystone XL;earthquakes;crazy in Utah;Russia pulls troops from Ukraine border;sea life dying;maternal death in childbirth rises 50% in US and more “stuff”.






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2 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Is it just me or was the news you reported in this show particularly nauseating? I don’t even feel like eating dinner now. I want to lose a few pounds so, from now on, I am going to plug in one of your news shows every time I get a food craving – use it as food aversion therapy.

    And I’m pretty sure you never get it wrong, so I’m voting with your assessment that the dead 93-year-old woman was black – you can bet that she was leaning on a walker when she went to the door, so the cop was just plain nuts, even though, of course, he was only doing what he “was trained to do.”

  2. Meria says:

    It wasn’t just you. I had no voice left by the time I was done. Yet there is never any real news on CNN and the rest. Crazy huh?

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