Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrologer

me and joe

5/7/14 Stars R Us – with Meria and Joseph Anthony, an astrologer with a world view. The astrology for the month of May. Our connection to the universe;pay attention to the cycles;question everything;people are awakening;Proof of Heaven and NDE’s; severe weather -the Sun & HAARP; Saturn in Scorpio retrograde;humans are looking to educate and experience;the Cardinal Grand Cross last month – impulsive actions;more incidents coming this year;Mars is in Libra – War-Ukraine? Russia-NATO-Rothschilds;Will Obama get thrown under the bus? Benghazi, Israel? lots of money and relationship concerns this month; mental overloads;Sun in Gemini on the 20th; false flags;Full Moon in Scorpio 14th  – emotions, “gains through loss”; what to do; New Moon in Gemini -embrace versatility, sensuality; personal horoscopes for all signs for May.







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2 Responses to "Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrologer"

  1. shaun70a says:

    Marvelous show as usual!

  2. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I always get energized after this monthly show.

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