Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrologer

me and joe

6/4/14 STARS R US with Meria and Astrologer Joseph Anthony. The astrology for the month of June and it’s going to be a wild one. Don’t use your sun sign as an excuse; stop the alibis; Who are you? the fires in Oak Creek 95% contained;Indonesia’s volcanoes and eclipses;Mercury goes retrograde June 7 to July 1st, what to expect; the 14th – tough alignments-arguments, frustrations, distractions; be careful driving; conflict and destruction; Cancer Nation July 4; (July will be very big); new Moon in Cancer on the 27th-turning point; 13th Full Moon in Sag; summer solstice; challenging month for fire and water signs; fire signs-very resilient; Libra restless this month, short fuse; Sag – nostalgic month; 7th and 14th – strong days; tricky month for Pisces. Monthly horoscopes for June as well.





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2 Responses to "Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrologer"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    My dogs came into the room and are laying down by the computer, seemingly listening to this show. I wonder if dogs need to have their charts read. Never thought about it before.

  2. Meria says:

    why not? I always recommend new parents get a chart for their baby so they know when to zig or zag and how to raise it.

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