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6/19/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Comments on this weeks shows; Snowden’s Germany files revealed; Phoenix one of worse cities for work satisfaction;Phoenix & Tucson running out of water;Iraq-Iran-ISIS (American funded/trained)-Israel-Obama latest; War crimes in Iraq courtesy of USA; Cheney has the nerve to talk about Iraq;  1/4 of public companies involve insider trading;New Zealand vs.dolphins;Redskins lose trademark;latest on WIPP & Fukushima and decimation of ocean/sea life in California; Americans politically ignorant, ripe for picking; Dr.Oz admits he’s a phony snake oil salesman in Court; air pollution and autism; 10x mentally ill in prisons than hospitals; superbug hits food supply; who’s got the nukes? Kucinich speaks out on the “war”; Israel warns US on Iran; Detroit raiding savings accounts and cutting off water to thousands;suspected “leader” of Benghazi caught? US most expensive ineffective health care in developed world; don’t move to Florida; AT&T hacked; hockey fans vs.drone; Obama deploying troops/warships  to Iraq; another GM recall; earthquakes;Judges on women’s rights; insurance premiums rising; GMO super banana!; Oust Maliki? HAARP being dismantled; George Will dumped; 1 in 5 in Scotland hungry,homeless, poor; child “guardians” in Scotland and more “stuff”.





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One Response to "The Blasted News with Meria"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    If it’s true that “TRUTH HURTS”, your Blasted News Show caused a lot of pain today! You at
    your BEST. After having a discussion with people last night (yes, me against THEM…) about Chemtrails and GMO’s (I’m a Conspiracy Theorist, of course), the information from your shows always gives me enough information and strength to stand alone against many. I’m pretty sure that I even encouraged some of them to do their own research before they completely just dismiss the information. Thanks Meria, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend…

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