News of Planet of the Apes,with Meria


8/29/16 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Private Prison funds Trump;Mexico vs.teachers;Trump on latest shooting and false promises to African Americans while speaking to all white audience;Trumps cocaine and criminal pals;Trumps bogus doctors report;farmer suicides up in India;see the movie “Vaxxed”. Fired for talking about Hillary’s health;Catholic hospitals war on women;GM – money over lives;Burkini madness;Epi-Pen;Trump discriminated against blacks;Zika;Assange;Stephen Bannon readying for voter fraud himself;Coke & Pepsi;Alt-Right-racists;Arkansas debtors prisons;Yemen;more cop shootings;Another white rapist gets away with prison;Az.Rep. curses out another GOP; racist losers;fracking and your health;Saudi invention:Wahhabi;dildos and guns;Huma leaving her Weiner;NYTimes wants investigation of Bush Admin for torture;and more insanity.






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