News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

2/27/17 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Bush making more sense than trump! Father of Navy Seal killed wants investigation;US vs.UN Human Rights Council; trump wants $54billion more for military, slashes other agencies; another pick withdraws over ethics guidelines (not trump);protesting FOR the media; the Oscar slams; special prosecutor for trump/Russia? another Jewish cemetery hit;Iran defends Palestinians;sorrowful trump supporters losing pensions; who owns Breitbart? Mohammed Ali’s son held by immigration; woman with brain tumor arrested by ICE;ICE empowered by trump; cops too;Bill Paxton dead;Fukushima;Israel’s terminator bots, ; Tom Perez;  trump crashing marijuana stocks; trump deporting military families; laws cracking down on protests (Shitler); trumps war on media and cover up of Russian ties; our kids are getting fatter;Evangelicals happy; Bannon on deconstructing the state;murderers empowered by trump; show me your papers; trump approval rate at 38%;trump endorses for-profit-prisons;Pope says atheists better than hypocritical Catholics;and lots more insanity.






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  1. mysticjanet says:

    I’m only half way through but noticed this morning that Dump says it’s the democrats that are toppling the grave stones. They are so despicable, I’m so upset about that party actions. How come they don’t know it will just come back to haunt them. We got to educate them all.
    I hoping I don’t have to see his speech to the congress. I’m so tired of his we have to win speech about war. We pay those people to be mersonaries.(sp). this up down reality is too much most days. gotta get back to Be Still and Know that I’m God.
    Also saw Stephanie Miller in tears about a news podcast person that died of a heroin overdose Friday or Saturday night. Bob and Civers? I watched the end of the Oscars and couldn’t figure out why the presenters were almost in tears…. Saw the goof up and someone is inaccurately reporting it was the guy who read the wrong name but it was Faye when he flashed the card to her. By the way any astrologer lovers out there… Uranus was on the Descedant at the time of error!
    Love and Blessings,

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