Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

 2/3/17 Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony. Monthly astrology for February. Another wild month on deck; Year of the Fire Rooster;motivation, irritability; time to wake up to all control mechanisms; more protests; time of letting go of old beliefs; frustration;volatile year; explosive energy; the Schumann resonance;Saturn & Chiron;reliving the postwar keeps the frequency low;artificial intelligence, cashless societies; rebelling against the system;vote with your dollar;Lunar and Solar eclipses this month;Venus in Aries;Jupiter retrogrades in Libra;Mars squares Pluto (something to watch) and personal horoscopes.







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  1. cpowell says:

    Another GREAT show! Stars R Us is my favorite show! Not that I don’t enjoy and learn from all the shows ,this is just my favorite. Great information and I love the way Joe is just so calm and witty about the current state of the World.

    (Sorry you are having trouble with your FB groups, Trolls are everywhere but I do find it shocking that groups set up to connect like-minded people have so many people that feel the need to be rude and disagree with the people sharing the groups same view points. Crazy world).

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