Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony

 6/2/17 Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony. The environment and the medicine wheel; the climate;destroying the planet on purpose; willful ignorance; social media censorship; the 9 Waves of Creation; crop circles, orbs; make a happy space in this inverted world;June is a month of thinking, creating, socializing;Mars in Cancer (war sign); Summer Solstice;Quick deaths due to time compression;Jupiter goes direct on the 9th;Full Moon in Sag;”show me”, meditation;Sun in Cancer;foundations, feelings, family;Cancer’s long memory;New Moon in Cancer the 23rd;Mars opposes Pluto;intuition and the knowing; monthly horoscopes by sign.








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2 Responses to "Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony"

  1. cpowell says:

    Another great show! I been on a News Sabbatical for a couple weeks, so it was good to get some News details and have it combined with the planets without being overloaded. Can’t wait to hear August’s show with the BIG Eclipse happening then.

  2. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I’ve been trying the “show me” or “bring me” pre-sleep meditation. Although I am getting (and re-membering) many “messages,” I do not seem to be very adept (yet?) at deciphering them. I’m just going to assume that I will get better with practice.

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