Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

   11/1/11  Meria interviews author Aaron Kaplan on his book “Deep Analysis, Frightening Conclusion“. Aaron is a former 35 yr employee of the aerospace/aircraft industry as well as an author. Long time student of UFOlogy Aaron [...]
Alfred Webre

Meria With Alfred Webre – Exopolitics

6/22/10 Meria Heller interviews futurist and author Alfred Lambremont Webre of “Exopolitics, Politics, Government and Law in the Universe“. Is the oil spill intentional? Rico Laws and false flags; environmental war; money from misery;9/11 [...]
Nikodem Poplawski, Physicist

Meria With Physicist Nikodem Poplawski – Is Our Universe Inside A Larger Universe?

6/15/10 Meria Heller Interviews Nikodem Poplawski, Research Associate Physicist with Indiana University on his work “Is Our Universe Inside a Larger Universe?”. How did our Universe start? How did humans start? the Big Bang theory; [...]


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