Is Phoenix next?

Meria With S.K.Bain – The Most Dangerous Book In The World

11/20/12 Meria interviews author S.K.Bain on his timely book “The Most Dangerous Book In the World, 9/11 As Mass Ritual, includes addendum “The Next 9/11? – A Work of Predictive Fiction”. 9/11/01 as a mass occult ritual [...]

Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

   11/1/11  Meria interviews author Aaron Kaplan on his book “Deep Analysis, Frightening Conclusion“. Aaron is a former 35 yr employee of the aerospace/aircraft industry as well as an author. Long time student of UFOlogy Aaron [...]
Solar Eclipse Today

Stars R Us – with Meria & Joseph Anthony

6/1/11 Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony. Two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse, how will it affect us? The Class M Flare and us; days of predictions upon us; 15th lunar eclipse -letting go; weird rest of the year; abrupt changes; [...]
Ticket Through 2012

Meria With Jack Allis Visions of 2012 and the Shift

2/22/11 Meria Heller interviews Spiritual Teacher and author Jack Allis on his excellent book “Prophecy,Challenge & Blessing, Visions of 2012 and the Shift”.  Does the world blow up on 12/21/12? indigenous spirituality; the [...]
Party Time

Meria With Bill Douglas “2012 the Awakening”

12/21/10 Meria Heller celebrates her birthday with Bill Douglas, author of the excellent, happy and inspiring book “2012, The Awakening”. A vision to hold onto! Tai Chi, the Medicine Wheel and Native American culture; vision of [...]