Meria With Brita Belli, Editor EMagazine – Nanos in Your Food

1/9/13 Meria interviews Brita Belli, Editor of E Magazine on Nanoparticles in Our Food. What are nanos? how small are they? Why in our food? Packaging? Clothing? Housewares? Are GE foods and nanos the same thing? Although they’ve been [...]
Brita Belli, Editor, E Magazine

Meria With Brita Belli – The State of Our Oceans

7/17/12 Meria Interviews Brita Belli, award winning Editor of E Magazine on the state of our oceans. our oceans on acid; simultaneous threats: pollution, warming, acidification; Oceans absorb 22 million tons of carbon emissions a day (1/3) [...]