Meria With Webster Tarpley on Romney and the Mormon Traditions

11/1/12 Meria interviews investigative journalist Webster Tarpley on his latest book a must read pre-election: “Just Too Weird, Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion” available in [...]
Dovey Johnson Roundtree

Meria With Katie McCabe – Justice Older Than the Law

7/31/12 Meria Interviews Katie McCabe, award winning writer, co-author with Dovey Johnson Roundtree of “Justice Older Than the Law”. Dovey is an American treasure, yet many don’t know of her courageous life. Dovey defended [...]

Solid Gold: Meria With David Bay “Secrets of America’s Beginnings”

   11/14/11 Solid Gold: David Bay, producer of “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings, Volume One, The New Atlantis is Meria’s guest. This show aired 10/18/06 and is quite the expose of the Freemasons and their plans for [...]

Solid Gold: Meria With Lawrence Rowe Jr “Tempus Fugit”

    11/10/11 One of Meria’s FAVORITE interviews and Books! Lawrence Rowe Jr author of “Some Men Are Great In Any Time, Tempus Fugit”. Suppose Washington, Jefferson and Franklin re-awaken in 2001? How they view our country? [...]
The Woz

Golden Oldie: Meria with Steve Wozniak “The Woz”

9/22/11 From the Golden Vault of the Meria Heller Show is this fabulous interview with the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, better known as the Woz. This interview was aired 12/19/06 on his book “iWoz, How I Invented The Personal Computer, [...]