Meria With Melvin Goodman on National Insecurity

7/2/13 Meria interviews Melvin Goodman, twenty year veteran of the CIA on his latest book “National Insecurity, the Cost of American Militarism”. His thoughts on the NSA and Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning; our bloated military [...]

Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization

11/15/11 Meria with Melvin Goodman, Senior Fellow -Center for International Policy with 42 years of Govt Service, Intel, CIA Whistleblower, writer and more. Why did he resign from the CIA? Robert Gates, William Casey – distortion of intelligence; [...]
It's a Miracle This Hasn't Happened Yet

Solid Golden Oldie: Meria With Dr. Helen Caldicott – Real Nuclear Danger

12/11/10 From the Golden Vault of great shows with Meria Heller, today you are able to hear the show Meria did on her 2nd anniversary of her online show 7/31/02. This show is with Dr.Helen Caldicott on her excellent (albeit scary) book “The [...]
the come on

Meria with Aimee Allison & David Solnit – Countering Military Recruiters

10/8/07 Aimee Allison (Veteran) and David Solnit – activist – co-authored “Strategies to Counter Military Recruitment, End War and Build a Better World – Army of NONE”. Share this with anyone contemplating buying [...]
One of Saddams doubles pay the ultimate price!

Meria With Yvonne Wachter – Mother of the Major who killed Saddam

9/3/07 Meria confirms that Saddam’s double was found in a hole and hanged. How? From the mouth of the mother of the Major (Chris Wachter) who did a surgical strike on 4/7/03 that took out Saddam and his sons. Jim Fetzer joins in on this [...]