party's over

Meria With Richard Heinberg – the End of Growth and What It Means

1/24/12 Meria interviews Richard Heinberg, author “The End of Growth, Adapting to Our New Economic Reality”. The party’s over, what can we do to prepare for the inevitable? natural limits DO apply; economic growth stalled [...]

Meria With Dr.Jack Pruett -The Grandest Deception-the Annunaki

8/31/11 Meria interviews Dr. Jack Pruett on his book “The Grandest Deception”. Think you know the Bible? Sitchin’s work? Today we stretch your mind around the founders of the slave race on Earth and their descendants who still [...]
Me & David

Conversations with David – Meria with David Icke

8/30/11 Conversations With David with Meria & David Icke continues. Today we go in depth on Fukishima , the economic crash worldwide, the radiation agenda.the Strauss-Kahn affair and Sarkozy; problem-reaction-solution – the London [...]
The World Is A Ghetto

Golden Oldie: Meria with Howard Winant “The World Is A Ghetto”

2/4/11 From the Golden Vault of the Meria Show is an interview often mentioned all these years on the show – Meria with Howard Winant, author of “The World Is A Ghetto”. This show was recorded 11/28/01. Has there been a war [...]
Meria & Brian Desborough

Goldie Oldie: Meria With Brian Desborough – They Cast No Shadows

1/7/11 Golden Oldie from 5/28/03 : Meria Heller interviewed Brian Desborough on his book “They Cast No Shadows”. The illuminati or globalists; revisionist history; suppressed technology and weapons; the 13 bloodline families own [...]