Meria With the News

10/18/12 Meria With the News: Earthquakes abound; Paul Ryan’s phony photo op; Romney tells bosses to tell his employees how to vote; Ann Romney “I’m pro-life”; Tucker Carlson says Candy’s fact check equal to Lincoln’s [...]
Fukushima - Far From Over

Meria With the REAL News

7/19/12 Meria With the News: Sheriff Joe vs. Obama; Feds vs. Sheriff Joe; No Fly List? Just take lessons; Explosion at nuke plant in Pennsylvania; Israeli loyalty bill passes; Ann Romney’s elitist attitude; D.C. new attack on abortion [...]
So says Joseph Stiglitz!

Meria With the News

7/9/12 Meria With the Real News: Corporations donating to non-profits to avoid disclosure; $16 billion to Afghanistan a yr? our new “ally”?; record breaking heat across US; deadly floods in Russia; Ernest Borgnine dead; Prosecutorial [...]
Chicago 9/11 Conference 2006

Meria With Jim Fetzer – Latest on 9/11/01

5/29/12 Meria with Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps Officer. Memorial Day from a Veteran’s perspective; Why are we in Afghanistan and will we ever leave? Think precious minerals, lithium, poppy fields, oil; USA is looting Afghanistan the [...]
Taxpayers still Paying Entitlements!

Meria With the News

5/10/12 Meria With the News: Why do taxpayers still pay millions to Ex-Presidents? Argentine more progressive than USA; Vidal Sassoon dead; Gay Marriage – Obama, Biden, Romney the homophobe; student loan interest to double; Quebec students [...]