Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer


1/14/14 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. US has become a lawless country; police brutality; Bush/Cheney lies; Deconstruction of Obamacare; Chris Christie falling apart; Bridge-gate; Should our politicians be allowed dual citizenship? More sanctions for Iran? Why Iran? US ruled by the 1%; No Rothschild bank in Iran; NSA hasn’t caught any terrorist while spying on us; Sandy Hook, a total false flag; Adam Lanza dead a day before? Alternative media co-opted; irregularities of the families of Sandy Hook;Ariel Sharon, very bad man -“Israel owns America”; JFK-Bush-Nixon-LBJ; naming the six shooters in Dallas; Roger Stone on Watergate and Nixon; Who sponsored the assassination of JFK? the Dal-Tex building and Bush arrest while W wandered about; why is the JFK story and 9/11 story important today?



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2 Responses to "Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I am glad that people like Jim and Fetzer (and you) are continuing to keep “Sandy Hook” alive. Pointing out how preposterous the whole scenario was/is and having the number of people who KNOW that it was preposterous may not stop “them,” but maybe it will curtail some of “their” future activities.

  2. guygirard says:

    Good stuff 😉 we know today who is behind it all lol

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