STARS R US with Meria and Joseph Anthony, Astrology for 2014


1/1/14 STARS R US with Meria and Joseph Anthony. Know the year in advance. Similar to 2013 with a lot more passion;New Moon tonight! How to work it; Powerful start to a New Year; 5 planets in Capricorn and two NEW Moons; solar flip – what does it mean? chemtrails and the weather; expect some major weather events in 2014; the clash of the titans this year; Jupiter in Cancer till July-what does it portend for the USA? the 2nd half of the year will find us more happy; the importance of spiritual balance; the Lunar eclipses in April and October very important; the Grand Cross; January 30 – New Moon in Aquarius; Joe’s predictions for 2014; more whistleblowers to come forth; false flags? meteors? We are in a 7 year, what does that mean? plus monthly horoscopes by sign.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    When you say that you are teaching us to figure out when/how to zig and when/how to zag, you are actually saying something very profound. With evolution, it is NOT the strongest who survive, it is those who can most readily adapt to situations as they occur/exist.

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