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7/28/14 The Blasted News with Meria. The slaughter of the Palestinians continue; lies about the cease-fire; Netanyahu & Obama face off; slamming Kerry; Massacre at Dawn; Israel admits Hamas didn’t kidnap 3 teens; child rape and Jewish Orthodoxy; Armed robbery in Gaza (land and gas); Ukrainian Refusniks flee to Russia; marriage obsolete to Millenials; US Embassy shut in Libya; MH17 false flag and MH370; Washington orchestrating Ukrainian war;Wacko Evangelicals on ¬†GOP tickets; Jews Against Genocide protests; Israel can’t hide with¬†social media; theocracy vs. women; Texas women behind the eight ball; Perry’s insanity; NYC cops and chokeholds; Native American children taken in S.D.;city in quarantine in China;Fukushima; bad cops; bi-polar and diet; NY Times endorses legalization;Calif wildfires; storms in US; Satanists to use Hobby Lobby decision; N.Korea threatens to nuke White House; coastal flooding rises in US and more “stuff”.





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