The Blasted News with Meria


7/30/14 The Blasted News with Meria.  Israel’s propaganda and US media lapdogs; Congressional Black Caucus endorses Israel (shame); Jews in NYC protest Israel’s apartheid; Ebola spreading in Africa (resources -problem-reaction-solution?); NYC cop puts chokehold on pregnant woman over grilling; 2 UN schools hit in Gaza by Israel;Tons of Fukushima waste/damage on US Coast, Canada, ocean dying;Congress going on 5 week vacation after doing nothing;raped at a music concert; cops tasered man 15 times-dead;cops arrest mom for 7 yr old walking to park; Suzuki recall; Paul Craig Roberts on Israel’s slaughter/robbery and US complicity in Ukraine; EU pays big ransoms to Al Qaeda;Obama puts more sanctions on Russia over lies, none on Israel  – they get another $225 Million of OUR money;Pentagon considering military option on Russia; Intl. investigators find no violations by Russia; wiping out a city in 24 hrs; Water as a resource? Don’t BUY bottled water;Okla City bombing back in court;joyful Israeli youth sing about slaughter; thousands of Israeli’s protest war on Gaza; more media merges;ISIS trained by Mossad; Russia responds to sanctions and more “stuff”.






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  1. par1 says:

    Great show Meria!
    And as far as reincarnation goes…well the movement never died, so I guess it’s kinda like hitting the pavement running.Crazy!!!

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