The Blasted News – with Meria


7/3/14 The Blasted News with Meria. This 4th what are you celebrating? US secretly in Somalia for years;NATO moves US troops towards Ukraine;Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians;selling 4,000 addl. hellfire missiles to Iraq; Putin slams US; BRICS nations starting their own bank; more airport security, warnings of 9/11; resistant H1N1 flu created by maniac; storm Arthur to hit East Coast; Pakistan’s anti-“terror” law; David Icke on ISIS and WW3; Cecily McMillan released/exposes Rikers horrors; WIPP/Fukushima latest;Will Supremes give Muslim businesses the same advantage as hypocritical Hobby Lobby? Sarkozy in custody; Supremes slam Obama’s recess appts; Hobby Lobby about women having sex;Hobby Lobby investment 401Ks in abortion drugs/birth control; corporations are people, women are not; Hyandai recall; GM’s recall(28 mil so far this yr); more US troops to Iraq; Hobby Lobby’s “christianity” ends at China; Supremes attack unions; MH370 latest; 106 yrs since Tunguska; earthquakes; 71 companies that don’t want to cover birth control; covered for men:penile implants,vasectomies,penis pumps; Blackwater threats;Ahmad Chalabi back;4th of July NO REFUSAL DUI checkpoints throughout country (wave that freedom flag); wildfires, storms and more “stuff”.







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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I hope Justice Ginsburg lives forEVAH – she is so awesome.

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